Fool’s Odyssey 15

Fool's Odyssey

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Chapter Four: Wanderings in the Wilderness (Continued)

Previously: Stranded in the south of France, the Fool sought a new means of transport.

I mostly went south just because.

But I’d had it in the back of my mind that I might go to Barcelona

because I’d met this pretty girl who was from there.

So, yes, that was the reason.



No, I really did go there just because.


It was impossible to get a ride out of Lyon

with a thousand others trying to do the same. 

I gave all my raisins and Bonbel cheese

to some German Krishna kids who were

flat broke and chanted out. 

We talked about God for a long time. 

Or at least I did. They mostly just ate. 

Then late that night

I went and found a bus depot

And bought a ticket for midnight,

one way, to Barcelona.


The bus finally left at twelve-twenty. 

I sat next to a Spanish kid, named Daniel,

and his grandpa across the isle. 

We talked a lot at first because it was exciting being on a bus,

even when you were tired. 

But then after an hour, they cut the lights inside

and it was dark outside,

so we drifted off into an “eslumber.”


I doubt if I could ever have so thoroughly mastered the Spanish language

if it hadn’t been for Daniel. 

Starting from when we awoke

we began to teach me Spanish. 

For ten hours we spoke! 

We spoke till we were hoarse–

nay, till we were furry and feathers clung to our throats

and grandpa had to laugh. 

So we stopped and stole big blue handfuls of grapes

in the south of France. 

Then we ate some more Spanish

while the Pyrenees came up and washed over us

and carried us deep into the castle-dotted seas of Catalonia. 

And all the while the autobus burped and hollered

and punched its way down the skinny isles of Spanish villages,

through city lanes of verdant green

growing from walls of powdering stone,

where there were balconies

and dresses and wet undershirts strung overhead

like a festival in the sun.

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