Fool’s Odyssey 14

Fool's Odyssey

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Chapter Four: Wanderings in the Wilderness

Previously: Disenchanted with sensualism, the Fool sought a different life. Again.

I finally found someone to share all the fun I wasn’t having.

It wasn’t, after all, a beautiful French girl

to help me live a newfound life of primitive sensuality.

That fantasy had lasted a fourth as long

as my life of happy materialism in London–

one day, to be exact.


No, it was a truck driver-philosopher named Phillipe

who spoke pretty good English.

I shared some nougat candy with him

and he bought me espressos to keep me up all night,

so he’d have someone to talk to

on the long haul to Lyon in the south of France.

I was so tired I slept anyway.

Though I did twitch a lot.

Small compensation for someone who wants to talk, I suppose.


The next morning at a diesel stop outside Lyon

we ate breakfast and discussed

our freshly-forged ancient philosophies.

Experience was the only thing that was real, Phillipe avéréd,

and nothing was real until we experienced it.

It sounded familiar.

So I asked him what it was like being in the womb.

He said he couldn’t remember

but was sure it was quite an experience.

There were many things he’d experienced

and since forgotten, he explained.

Nevertheless, they existed now and were real because—

and only because—

he’d once experienced them.


So I asked him what it was like when he was conceived.

“How should I know?” he replied. “I wasn’t there.”

Then he thought about what I’d said

and grew très irrité.

It was quite an experience.


I’ve always felt bad about arguing with people I barely know.

And yet I do it.

We departed under détente,

I think.


I mostly went south just because.

But I’d had it in the back of my mind that I might go to Barcelona

because I’d met this pretty girl who was from there.

So, yes, that was the reason.



No, I really did go there just because.

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