5 Year Old Exposes Truth About Barney!

As we enter shooting day number four on our feature film, I’m re-running this favorite older post. Blessings till it hurts! ~Mitch

Mitch Teemley

Cute-newborn-baby-girls-clothesMy daughter Mandy was born smart. If she’d known English the day she was born, I’m sure she’d have explained to the obstetrician that he was doing it all wrong.

By the time she was 2 that oversight had been corrected. At a supermarket she asked, “Daddy, may I have a cherry popsicle, please?”

A harried looking shopper observed, gobsmacked, “That toddler just used a complete sentence!”

“Of course,” I said, “she knows a proper sentence needs a subject, object, and a verb.”


Then Mandy asked the lady if she would like a hug.  Because, you see, my daughter wasn’t just smart, she was also deeply perceptive.

latestSo it came as no surprise that one day, at age 5, while she was dancing along with TV philosopher Barney the Dinosaur, she had a profound epiphany. She’d been singing an insipid self-esteem ditty with him that went,

“I’m special!  You’re…

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  1. Wherever you’re filming, I’m sure you’re making a scene. 😜 Best of luck!!!

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