Fool’s Odyssey 10

Fool's Odyssey

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Chapter Three: My Life of Decadent Sensualism in Paris

Previously: The Fool’s life of gleeful materialism ended as a destitute dream.

The next morning, I went and stood

where Mrs. Hussey could stare at me

and got back the deposit for the flat.

Then I went and got an omelet and read the travel section

of the paper—

they don’t have travel sections in omelets,

though if eggs could talk…


As I got more and more full of coffee,

my head got more and more full of wonderful ideas.

“Your problem,” I thought,

“is that you were too full of the kindness of human milk,

too full of get and have and horde and keep

without ever having lived.

There’s so much to life–

just lay hold of it!

Break off the nearest branch and start munching!


“Experience,” I thought

(and thought it was an original thought),

“experience is the only thing that’s real.

And nothing is real until I experience it.”

If an egg falls in the forest…who cares?

Never stop eating!

That was it!

I had to go and eat life,

whatever that meant,

and reinvent it along the way.



And then I saw the ad

for the late night economy class to Paris,

and I thought of red wine,

and oil paint,

and girls with small bosoms but wonderful legs.

and I thought,



But four days from whence my odyssey first began,

and already it was beginning again.

What ho, Ulysses!


And so I said in my heart,

go to now and I will prove thee with mirth;

therefore enjoy pleasure. 

And whatsoever mine eyes would desire

I would not keep from them;

I would not withhold my heart from anything. 

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