Fool’s Odyssey 8

Fool's Odyssey

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Chapter Two: My Life of Happy Materialism in London (Continued)

Ah, London was so sweet.

I came to love her grinning granite Belshazzars

and unicorns and horns-o-plenty

carved in stone on nearly every corner.

I stayed in that old hotel for three days, and all of the time

rebuked the wretched street-caller preacher shouting in my head,

and pronounced him three days gone and stinking, and called him dead.

I gargled like a beaver, I giggled like an eel,

I swam to farthest extremes of my own bastille.


Took the tube, the London Underground,

bee-bee in a straw,

brave new basement,

world of coughing antonyms and eyeless molehobbos

begging back their souls.

How were these any different from those above? I wondered.

How was their half-life dream of gin or cheap wine or paraffin

any less whole than the half-life dream

of withering up in the sun?

the resplendence of things which ate you slower,

but left you just as done?

I was like them in my heart,

I thought in my head.


Would I end up a pathetic emotional derelict,

stalking forever the morbid night of my own invention,

and beating incessantly upon the inexorable dome of heaven?

I was like them in my heart,

I thought in my head.



No, I wasn’t like them!  I was happy–

happy like Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in whatever that movie was.

I was happy!

I was home.

I would make me great works. 

I would build me great houses. 



Covent Garden–Kings Court–Leicester Square–



That night after the theatre,

I came home to my little room

and sat staring at the apples and chocolates on the dresser

until I finally fell over and went to sleep.

The dream was losing steam. I was cold–

I guess from the loss of steam.

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