Signs of the Times

Well, yes, it’s true, but you don’t have to advertise it:


Irony, Part One:


Irony, Part Two:

Moon St







And, finally, remember,

Don’t do drugs, kids…

10519508_801331916589852_963128175810895586_nEven if the counselors offer them to you.

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9 Responses to Signs of the Times

  1. Ha! I love those. Very funny.

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  2. You crack me up! I love your sense of humor!!!!

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  3. Lol! I have to steal some of these! Fantastic ☺️

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  4. And the world breathes a collective sigh of relief… at least there are no falling cows this time! I wonder if the sign installers realize just how funny these combinations are? Thanks Mitch, for getting us all laughing.

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  5. Oh those poor Methodists! I wonder how many times I’ve seen it abbreviated like that and never made the connection?
    Thanks for the laugh!

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  6. kayteejay46 says:

    Funny 😀

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