Dude, if I had a nickel…

Falling cow

…for every time a cow has fallen on my car!

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14 Responses to Dude, if I had a nickel…

  1. I’ve just had my entire world come crashing down… you see… I was taught at a young age that a cow can jump over the moon… in other words defy gravity. And now… this sign debunks that! Not to worry… I’m a big boy… I’ll get over it.

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  2. Nearly spit out my coffee when I read this! Morning made! Thanks!

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  3. nanciec13 says:

    hate when that happens…

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  4. oneta hayes says:

    We are awfully close to April 1st. Are you sure someone’s not having the last laugh?

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  5. atimetoshare.me says:

    That’s a hoot. Never seen a sign like the that. I have seen one saying, “watch out for falling rock,” but never did see a Native American.

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  6. nancyehead says:

    Hey, you just never know what can happen!

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  7. Rose says:

    This was a nice laugh. Comments included.

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  8. If it happens once, gotta make a sign. Although, I think the story a read was about a herd of swine jumping off a cliff!

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