Cruz Medicine

Remember when we had too many choices?

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22 Responses to Democrazy

  1. Ha! Yes, I remember when we were all complaining about having too many choices.

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  2. Like any fine piece of art… this political drawing can be interpreted on at least two levels… if not more. e.g., is that kid making a face because Trump has made him sick? Or is he anticipating the medicinal taste of Cruz? Is the cure worse than the illness? Is it a cure at all? Not saying… just asking. I’ll leave it up to the people of good conscience to come up with the correct answers.

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  3. I sometimes think Bill and Hillary made a deal with Trump so he could destroy the opposition. I mean in the Bush/Clinton dynasty scope of things, it’s Hillary’s turn. I’ve become so cynical about the whole mess I’ve decided my voting is best done on my knees…

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  4. We could always create a YouTube montage and have Trump do the “honors”.

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    • Since I could not find any “reply” to click on to… I’ll reply to joy-indestructible here. My experience as a voter has been to read everything I can find about office seekers. Don’t trust only one source. There are at least two sides to every story… and the truth oft appears somewhere in the middle. After that? Once you’re in the voting booth… hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. It’s a tough job… but somebody has to do it. Voting for no one oft means the worst of the worst candidates get sworn into office.


  5. So, I’ll stir the pot … Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Maggie, the “sugar” in this case would be…?


      • Well staying with the image and song….. there is cruz as written on the spoonful, considered the spoonful of sugar. hmmmm not the way I vew Cruz. It seems the image suggests that Cruz is the spoonful of sugar for Trump, who is considered the problem or medicine being remedied. Mary Poppins was trying to call men forward and encourage/empower children as well as support womens issues. I dont personally trust sugar pills…. hmmm they are not what they appear to be and the solution is fully psychosomatic. Hmmmm so does that mean that Trump is the solution,medicine and Cruz is helping others swallow the medicine.
        Without the song, Cruz is a distasteful spoonful of medicine which people are willing to support in order to stop Trump. I always wonder why Republicans, noted for ideology, so often just stand against one thing or another. They could not support honest men like Carson or Huckabee, but they are willing to spend billiions to stop the current choice of the people. After all the elite know what is best for everyone – we dont need to think for ourselves….. hmmmmm. I think a team of psychologist are needed. Presenting problem helping the elite to know what they stand for and work towards that end vs. defeating what they stand against. LOL this is now perfectly clear I am sure!.

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    • I have a 5 pound bag of sugar on hand… think that’ll that be enough?

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  6. Thank goodness I had my shots. No one wants to catch the Trumps…especially on the right side.

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  7. My messages: 1. To “In My Cluttered Attic”… I’ll be sure to wash my hands with antibacterial soap. 2. To Mitch… loved this discussion… haven’t had this much fun since I was a MySpace blogger ten years ago. Thanks for this posting.

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  8. Absolutely true…this primary season has been a long protracted twilight episode from me…I feel like the villain in the first Zealander movie…is everyone taking crazy pills? After all this was suppose to be the election cycle that conservative will get a real voice articulating our values!

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  9. Ha! I love this post!

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  10. I also agree that this is all a conspiracy between Trump and the Clintons. Trump is destroying the Republican party and the Clintons are just waiting to once again reside in the White House. What do we call Mr. Clinton when he is the spouse of the President? First man?


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