The Confessions of Peter, Part 2

“Light is most beautiful when it makes a path in the darkness.”

Mitch Teemley


I don’t trust “good” people. The terrorists who murdered 147 people in Kenya last year called themselves al-Shabaab, “the good people.”

Yeah, right.

So, no, I don’t trust “good” people.

But forgiven people—those I can relate to.

InThe Confessions of Peter, Part 1, adapted from my monologue collection (each heading below links to one of the individual monologues), Peter talked about meeting Jesus.

Now he confronts his own darkness (dramatization based on biblical/historical research) en route to forgiveness:

The Rock

simon-peter-chronicles-the-rock_270_270“Jesus sent us out in twos,” Simon (now called Peter) writes in his journal. “He anointed us to preach and do miracles in his name. Did we believe it? We hoped. When an old rabbi in Gerazim said that people are made righteous by following ‘every jot of the Law,’ I shouted, ‘No! The righteous live by faith.’

‘What proof do you have that God accepts your faith?’ he asked…

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7 Responses to The Confessions of Peter, Part 2

  1. I really enjoyed this. Well said.

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  2. says:

    The monologues are very thought provoking an emotional. I love them. Do you have more?

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  3. Well written. You are expert of religion 🙂

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