Regarding The Donald

Last Trump

“Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge.”  ~Leonardo da Vinci

“Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character.”  ~Horace Greeley

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

One can hope.

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33 Responses to Regarding The Donald

  1. Must have been a verse from one of those “two Corinthians” he’s so fond of.

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  2. nancyehead says:

    One can only hope–and pray!

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  3. I don’t think there’s ever been a candidate who gave more quality photo ops than Trump. He truly is a man among … something.

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  4. socialbridge says:

    A phenomenon indeed and I’m Irish and living in Ireland!

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  5. He’s riding a wave of anger born out of a frustrated people who aren’t paying attention to the man who is Donald Trump. It’s no different than those who voted for a slogan “Hope and Change” without learning the Obama definition. We all need to pray…

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  6. Betty says:

    Pray and vote.

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  7. He has delusions of adequacy…

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  8. nananoyz says:

    Reblogged this on Praying for Eyebrowz and commented:
    I concur.

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  9. Mitch, I can breathe easier now that I know how you feel about the Donald. Unfortunately, our society mirrors the Trump personality….arrogance, condescension, egotism, profanity, and most frightening, a profession of faith that simply does not mesh with the man he is.

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  10. Roos Ruse says:

    That’s clever and funny stuff that mirrors true concern for America. Good one, Mitch.

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  11. Dear Americans
    Please do not let Donald Trump into a position of power.
    Thank you.
    The Rest of the World xxx

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  12. Your on top of your game, Mitch.

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  13. this doesn’t seem right 😦


  14. mitchteemley says:

    The Bible verse is not meant as an endorsement of Trump (the opposite, actually)! It’s a snarky play on the words “the last trump” and “the dead shall be raised”–a reference to Trump’s tendency to substitute shouting for substance (note the da Vinci quote that follows). Have a great Leap Week!


  15. I understand but it’s about Jesus

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  16. omurchadh says:

    I was curious about this post. So you’re against Trump? Are you for Hillary or Bernie? Some of the comments on here are disconcerting. I have to disagree with many of these anti-Trump comments. I’m Irish American, I’ve watched the past 16 years as my country has become something of a nightmare. I just watched a documentary called “The Goebbels Experiment” and it is eerily similar to what has been happening in the US with the rise of socialist ideals and concepts, the change in our government. We’re most certainly headed for a “Hitleresque” type authoritarian dictatorship with the eradication of the constitution. I believe that if Donald Trump becomes President and does what he says, we’ll right the ship. If not, we’ll be the fall of freedom as we know it. We certainly do not want to follow in Greece’s, Spain’s or Ireland’s footsteps!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      At the risk of sounding argumentative, it’s funny you mention “authoritarian dictatorship” because that’s one of the accusations leveled against Trump. Like Sanders (only more arrogantly) Donald speaks about forcing change by non-democratic methods. As president, I doubt Trump would succeed in much but polarizing the government. And foreign policy? Forget it. He’s viewed by most of our allies as a buffoon. No, I’m not a fan of Clinton. One can be against Trump’s empty bluster without being a liberal (he himself is not a true conservative). I’m an independent, actually. Peace, friend.


    • oneta hayes says:

      Considering so many are for Trump, I was wondering if I would meet one – in addition to me. I’m rather sick of everybody yelling against Washington for years, then when someone makes an attempt at changing it, the walls fall. Seems no one in a sinking boat wants to take a chance on righting it. Just stay put and let the water rise and the ship go down. His effort is surely revealing the power wielders in the Republican Party. It would be different if all the Trump haters had tried to support someone else from the first. Where was all this vitriol that could have helped Carson, or Fiorina, or a number of others. I do agree that Trump is a deal maker. He doesn’t pretend otherwise. But I would rather have half a pie than nothing which is what we have had for umpteen years. The left has hacked at abortion until now it is legal to birth and even then the baby can be killed. If Trump can guide a Congress to cutting that time back to four months, three months, six weeks, even to seven months, it will save a bunch of babies. If half the Christians who are judging Trump were praying, I bet God would be impressed. We like to tout Two Chron. 7:14, but either there are not a bunch of humble prayers seeking God’s face and turning from wickedness or God is not keeping his promise. I think the critics are not praying. However, it is possible Christians are doing what they are told and God is moving. Peace. Just trying to balance this ship a bit.


  17. oneta hayes says:

    Hi, Mitch. I’m the person whose blog you liked “Meet My Aunt Delma.” You probably didn’t think I could possibly admire my Aunt Delma so much and still not hate Trump! I’ve been studying Daniel; it is amazing to me how God worked through one real authentic Daniel, who really prayed, and the evil kingdom of Babylon. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are Gods. God may chastise us (the church) for our pious attitude. I’ve never before seen such ugliness in Christians or in the Republican Party, and Romney – what a let down. I had that man on a pentacle. I sure didn’t know he had such clay feet. I guess God was right in not giving us that good moral man. I would never have guessed he could be so cheap as to berate any man like he did Trump.


  18. To write such wisdom … Paul (purported author of “I Corinthians”), Leonardo and Horace must’ve known some of Trump’s knuckle dragging, knuckle headed, distant relatives. I’d characterize Trump as being out of touch with average Jane and Joe Americans (e.g., he claims life hasn’t been easy for him and casually mentions the “small” $1 million chump change loan from his father). RE his campaign “style”… I’m appalled by how he fans the flames of racism… encourages barbaric behavior in our already violent society… his bullying MO now being aped by very young school kids. I could give him a free pass re his wealth… but NEVER do so re his nightmarish vision of an overtly and ferociously bigoted america [sic]. Come 1/20/17, we’d be far better off with no president at all. I could say more… and will say more…

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