Finding the Love of Your Life

Have you found “The One?”

Mitch Teemley


College and Career Night tries a little too hard. With its lattes. And its biscotti. And its Ryan-Seacresty young adult pastor. Still, the guy makes you think. And the biscotti melt like magic in the coffee.

It’s two nights before Valentine’s Day.  Derry pushes a thready clump of hair from his eyes. Spots a table with a too-cool dude in painfully tight jeans, a silently panicking thing, and a pretty punk chick.

As he climbs up onto a chair-stool, Pastor Seacrest microphones, “OK, in honor of Saint Valentine, tonight’s Big Question is, Who’s the love of your life? Your Soul Mate? The One? Corny? Hollywood hype? Maybe. But why does the Big Love idea persist? Have you met yours yet? Talkers, start your tongues!” Even before he’s done, tight-jeans and panicking-thing leave.

“So…just the two of us, huh?” Derry says to the punk princess.

“Yep. I think Too-Cool is hanging with his…

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4 Responses to Finding the Love of Your Life

  1. radiostudy says:

    Well done! Blessings & joy…. Anne

    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 11:28 AM, Mitch Teemley wrote:

    > mitchteemley posted: “Have you found “The One?”” >

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  2. This made me stop in my busy day and think about where He is in my life. He is the one I’ve been missing….

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