Standing in God’s Footprint

Here’s Part Three in my Connecting With God series.

Mitch Teemley

Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin Aldrin walking on moonConnecting With God, Part 3

(To read Part 1, click here)

When I was a kid, one of my favorite comic strips showed an astronaut radioing back to Earth, “Nope, no signs of life”–while standing in an immense footprint that he’d mistaken for a crater.

Previously (God, Are You There?) I spoke about the “still small” voice (I Kings 19:12) that awakened me to God’s presence when I was in my twenties, the voice that in Hebrew (demamah) can only be known by means other than the five senses, like knowing a person has entered the room without actually hearing them. God’s presence was pervasive, was all around me. But like the astronaut in the footprint I’d been oblivious to it.

“Hearing” his voice changed everything. I not only became increasingly certain he was there, but began to realize that he was the love of my life.

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