God, Are You There?

This is the follow-up to last week’s post “Pray as if Your Life Depends on It.” Read if you can find time–I mean, no rush, it’s only about the freakin’ Meaning of Life. (How’s that for guilt?)

Mitch Teemley


Connecting With God, Part 2

(To read Part 1, click here)

At any given time, each of us is either moving toward or away from our Creator. The trajectory of my life now—my passion, my purpose—is toward God. But my first few decades were mostly spent racing in the opposite direction.

I was raised a practical atheist, by which I mean God was simply not a topic in our home. When, at around age 10 or 11, I asked Dad about the meaning of life, he pulled out an illustrated copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species and handed it to me. I thumbed through the Victorian etchings, the Time Life photos of Galapagos tortoises, the artist’s concepts of hairy proto-humans, and through Chuck’s notes. But what about this feeling I have that there’s something more? I wondered.Freud, who was referenced in the index, answered with two terse…

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