The Future of the Human Race


Life as we know it is nearly over. Here’s how the future could play out:

Phase One—Wearability – It all started when computers met their soul mate, the internet. Almost Google-releases-Project-Glass-video-capture-and-details-expands-pre-ordersovernight, people became addicted to being connected. But we couldn’t take it with us. Until portable computers and smartphones arrived. Still, why carry ’em when you can wear ‘em? Google Glass and Apple Watch didn’t change the world, but the bug will bite eventually. Here’s why:

Phase Two—Virtuality – The real news isn’t games (no offense, Pokémon), it’s the transformation of those goggles into wearable computers. Soon we’ll use in-the-air keyboards and move virtual objects about with our hands. We’ll be able to walk to work in the virtual-oculus-rift1930s, if we like, dodging Prohibition Era gangsters (or zombies or gladiators). Cool enough. But the big change will come when we adopt AR as a way of life.

Phase Three—Implantability – Why look through clunky goggles when microprocessors under your skin can send signals directly to your optic, auditory and other nerves? (All of the following technology is either in use or in development.) You’ll be able listen to how_works_medBeethoven or watch Fast and Furious 27 in your head while savoring Chicken Kiev and vintage vodka—calorie free! More importantly, there’ll be life-changing fixes for the blind and deaf, along with smartchips that keep hearts, lungs, and other organs going; floating nano-drones will locate and destroy mutated cells before they can replicate. No more heart disease. No more cancer. Longevity will take a quantum leap. Forget AR, BR (blended reality) will be the new norm.

Phase Four—Enhancability – Which will come first, the Singularity, the point at which computers surpass their creators (and eliminate them)? Or the Cyborg Era, the point atnexusae0_iron_man_mark_vii_hud_design_by_jayse_hansen_1400_thumb
which chip-enhanced humans acquire super-human physical and mental capabilities like VESP (virtual ESP–my term), the ability to communicate with one another via transmitted thoughts (early versions of this technology exist now). Will researchers (as some are now attempting) sustain life by transferring human consciousness into computers? Or will Google already have “solved death” (one of their current goals)?

Phase Five—Immortality – Why make computer chips out of nonliving substances when you can make them out of living cells that replicate and repair themselves? Antarean
As far back as the 90’s there were experiments in computing using atoms. By this point humans will have reached a new stage of self-directed evolution; they will no longer be homo-sapiens. (Posthumanists and transhumanists believe this stage has already begun.) There will be humans with Hulk-like strength, or wings, or gills for living under water (will this result in new social structures?). Will we have solved the limitations of movement through space-time (think warp drive)? But wait…

Phase Six—Angel (or Demon)-ality — If consciousness can be transferred to computer bits made up of atoms, why can’t it be transferred to light particles (photons)? imagesMatter-based existence will, at some point, seem intolerably primitive. Why eat, sleep, defecate, and physically reproduce (well, OK, some of these things are fun) when consciousness can inhabit light waves, enabling us to move through space-time at the speed of light. If aliens exist, maybe we can’t see them because they are just such non-material beings.* Such creatures would, from a human perspective, seem infinite, omniscient. They would seem like angels.

Or demons (2 Corinthians 11:14). Because unless true goodness—ethics, selflessness, the divine agape love of the Greek New Testament—emerges as the sole motive of angelo-futurus, the future will not be heaven, it will be hell.

What about God? Will he shut everything down at some point, a la the tower of Babel? (Genesis 11:6-7)  Or will he intervene in a literal rendition of the prophecies of Daniel and John the Divine? Will there be a war against God? (Revelation 16:16)

cross-in-sunset-sky-620x330Having brought us through the process, one way or another, I pray that the One whom we no longer see “through a glass darkly, but face-to-face” (1 Corinthians 13:12) will say, “Well done, good and faithful servants…come and share your master’s joy!” (Matthew 25:23)

*C.S. Lewis first proposed this in Out of the Silent Planet (1938). Non-material doesn’t mean “see-through,” by the way; such beings would be far more real than we are–our bodies consist almost entirely of empty space.

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49 Responses to The Future of the Human Race

  1. Mama say, “it be da debil”…and I’m praying for solar flares…

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  2. Some might think you are being the kidster, but I actually think you are closer to being right than what you think. I can’t see phases 5 and 6 coming to pass, but I believe man will certainly try.

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  3. I thought sci-fi was conditioning us for a while to spoil the surprise “I told you so”….

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  4. Jamila Smith says:

    Wow, you’ve given me loads to think about! The concept of immortality scares me… If it did happened in the 2060s, before Angel/Demon stage six, the idea of overpopulation would worry me!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Overpopulation is definitely a factor! Some predict that VR will “solve” the problem by causing humans to live Matrix-style lives, i.e. becoming immobile, connected to feed tubes, taking up minimal space. Or that we’ll emigrate to other planets. Or that only an elite class will be allowed immortality. Or?

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  5. Ufuomaee says:

    The Bible teaches us that before it gets to the point where humans need not make time to eat or sleep or even take a dump; at the point of implantability – when no one can buy or sell without having the mark of the beast implanted in their right hand or forehead – God will intervene! After the persecution of the Christians who preach against taking these chips which everyone will accept as progress for mankind, which are the years of great tribulation, I believe Jesus will return for His elect. But if I am wrong on the timing, I still believe God will intervene.

    A very thoughtful piece. I was especially amazed at the mention of “solving death”!!! What a feat for mankind.

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  6. dawnlizjones says:

    Just say “Selfless” yesterday. Sounds incredibly like your post. Thankfully I saw it on an old-fashioned TV. Sheesh! Bob doesn’t even like watching movies in 3-D!

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  7. Wow ! It seems like you wrote the prophecy.

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  8. The Mount says:

    The world is so confusing now! I can’t keep up with the technology now, let alone these suggestions. It will be interesting to see how the world moves forward. Thanks for these ideas. 🙂

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  9. Nancy Ruegg says:

    My grandmother was a young teenager when the Wright brothers first took flight in 1903. Before her death in 1972, she saw (on TV) Neil Armstrong walk on the moon (1969). I used to think she witnessed incredible progress in science, medicine, technology, etc. But progress continues to escalate, proven by the timetable you’ve laid out here, Mitch. I shake my head in wonder! Some possibilities (probabilities?) sound glorious; others could foster fear–IF it weren’t for the assurance that GOD is in control, not man (Psalm 71:16). I am so thankful for his presence in my life. Whatever may transpire in the future, I can count on him to see me through!

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  10. kenzelsfire says:

    Interesting ideas Mitch. I’m really hoping God intervenes before most of this might go “mainstream.” There is already a ton of “cutting edge” tech that I’m not sure people really understand what or how it can be used…with or without their knowledge or permission.

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  11. Roo's Ruse says:

    Reading along, part of my mind took off in the same general direction you took. I adore that! Finding Perelandra in a free book bin (before I became a Jesus Freak) was one of my happiest discoveries.

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  12. theancients says:

    This was a very interesting read; and to me it’s definitely not “out-there”, but rather trending towards what we’ve been told in Scripture.
    -As in the days of Noah, so it will be near the end: extensive genetic manipulation.
    There were Nephilim (fallen angels/ aliens) who came to earth and cohabited with the daughters of men, producing ‘giants’ i.e beings with superhuman abilities. [Genesis 6,]
    Interesting that after these were destroyed by the flood, we’re told about another type, the Rephaim [Genesis 14]… [killed by Joshua, Caleb in Canaan..]
    Deuteronomy 2:23 speaks of the Avvites/Avims whose names mean “ruined ones” or the “perverters”
    Tower of Babel – the people’s language became confused because God knew anything they set their mind/imaginations to, they would accomplish. {obviously their thoughts & actions were less than righteous.

    When Babel fell, “it fell upon Canaan who is the uncle of Nimrod and brother of Cush to continue the legacy of his Hamitic family by continuing with Nephilim experimentation. For this reason, God called Abram out of the land of Babylon into the land of Canaan, so that he could raise an army (nation of Israel), to wipe out the seed of contamination which had overrun the land. We saw that Israel did not completely wipe out this seed of darkness and some of it was left to survive in Gaza, Gath, & Ashdod. [Joshua 11:22]

    There are no idle words in Scripture.
    Most of this world don’t know what’s about to come upon them.

    God Bless & protect His people… and unveil our eyes…grant us wisdom & understanding so we can escape destruction due to a lack of knowledge.

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  13. Siderite says:

    Ooh, start with technobabble and end up with Bible thumping. Nice twist! everything that can be believed will be believed, huh?
    The discussion is always devolving to the one about the nature of humanity. Will we still be human? Are we still human now? What is to be human? People think that these are questions so complex that we cannot yet answer them, but I say they are fairly simple, only we do not want to accept the answers. Human is to fear everything different from yourself and ultimately try to destroy it. Human is to want to pull everything higher than yourself down if it is easier than pulling yourself up. Human is to be as different from the notion of God as to be antithetic, while still believing we are supreme.
    These futures that you are predicting will not come to life not because it is impossible to get there, but because everyone around you will pull you down before you even think of soaring. And we all fall down. And if I am the pessimist and you get to be right, those people in the future will be so different from us that it is not worth discussing.

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  14. mitchteemley says:

    Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:

    Forget 2018, I’m predicting the future “to infinity and beyond.” Seriously. Here it is:


  15. jrusoloward says:

    These are things I often think about. It’s definitely scary.

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  16. On This Week In Technology (TWIT), a podcast, I hear that the AI/Wearables phenomenon is already out of whack with human physiology. Our bodies can’t evolve fast enough. You suggest that human physiology may be the one to discard, maybe…

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  17. Gee, you’ve sparked some dialog and thoughtful responses. Before I reached the bottom of the article, my thoughts had already turned to the Tower of Babel. God has given us great capacities for creatively pursuing the limits of our intellect. We already have the idea proposed just the other day that speaking your [own] truth is the most powerful tool we have. This is all about the glorification of man and that we can/will be gods in our own right.

    Great thought-provoking piece. How far will the God of the universe allow us to go? He removed Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil so that they wouldn’t eat the fruit of the tree of life. He interfered with man’s plans to reach Heaven by throwing them into confusion. I believe that He will interfere with man’s plans once again when Jesus returns to claim His bride. That time is drawing ever closer.

    Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

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  18. smzang says:

    Sci-fi has always been the precursor of science and I think it is has a better batting average
    than the weatherman. I bet your classes are never dull.

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  19. I’m currently reading C.S. Lewis’s sci fi series… interesting to read this in light of that. My son would absolutely love this post. Me? I find it a bit scary… 😉

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  20. alexankarr1 says:

    These things are probably inevitable, and I still find most of them pretty creepy. Barring things like bionic eyes and suchlike, which would be a wonder and a glory, bringing sight to the blind and other miracles. Who are we to judge? I don’t suppose we’d have the capacity as a race to conceive these things if they weren’t part of the divine plan. I’m quite keen on electricity and Godiva chocolates and printed paper books, and suchlike, and none of those things are available in a state of nature, after all. Must try to be less of a reactionary Luddite old git.

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  21. There is a credible body of geological and archaeological evidence for a pre-Sumerian,pre-Egyptian High Civilization, based somewhere between Spain and North America. Human ego brought it all crashing down, so the theory says, and we got to start all over again- as Cro-Magnons and Clovis Culture tribesmen, living among Neandertals and proto- Indians.

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  22. curryNcode says:

    very interesting read.. all very much possible

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  24. pkadams says:

    Thanks, Mitch! Wow! You have it all in one post . As usual you are way ahead of me . I’m trying to catch up to all these craziness. I’ve read about some of this, but I will happily click these links for more fodder .

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  25. pkadams says:

    Guess what ? Netflix currently has shows about near death experiences, genetic modification , and ending aging . And they’re old shows. 😆

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