Decisions, Decisons

Whether to see the new Star Wars movie…


…or the new Chipmunks movie!

Just kidding.  Both are bound to be classics, right?



Seriously, though, I mean the real question is whether it can live up to such impossible expectations!

(The Chipmunks movie, I mean.)


May you have a Forceful, rodent-free weekend!

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15 Responses to Decisions, Decisons

  1. The Chipmonks of the sixties were cool daddy-o but the 21st Century version somehow got lost in translation. I’m wondering also, how they will interpret Starwars but I’ll be waiting until the crowds die down to find out. I know what your choice will be ’cause I know you have a history with Princess leia…check you out later cat daddy!;-)

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    • mitchteemley says:

      I’m a Star Wars geek. Haven’t actually seen any of the Chipmunks movies (this latest one has a terrible rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

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      • I took my grandsons to see the first one. My husband and I both have fond memories of the old Chipmonks. It was a terrible dud and we left in the middle at my grandsons’ insistence. Starwars is special because those were the days when my boys were little. Those movies invoke lots of sweet memories. So…you let me know how the new version shakes out.:0)

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  2. Laurie Welch says:

    Well, as far as the new Star Wars movie goes, Leonard, Raj and Walowitz were madly in love with it after they saw the movie. And hey, even Wil Wheaton liked it….So that is good enough for me 🙂

    The Chipmunks movie? I have always had a thing for Theodore…so that answers that question lol

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  3. To misquote the Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing), “I think you underestimate their chances!”

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  4. May the Force be with you on this one!

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  5. We live in amazing times, when we somehow need a 4th Chipmunk movie !! ☺

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  6. Chipmunks movie of course!!!

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  7. apeerieyarn says:

    I’ve always wondered if Star Wars is something that has heavy ties to nostalgia/childhood? I never saw it when I was younger and when I tried to watch the films earlier this year I just didn’t get it – maybe too high expectations played a part too.


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    • mitchteemley says:

      I was a huge fan of the Star Wars movies from the start. Yes, they have sentimental value for many, but they’re also true landmarks, reinventing the movie world in many way. You probably don’t realize how much the movies you see were influenced by them. Merry Christmas!

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  8. kenzelsfire says:

    I grew up with Star Wars. My Dad took me to all of them beside before he died. Actually the weekend he died, he’d rented one of them to share with me. They are classics….
    Having taken a rabbit trail, I did see “The Force Awakens” (so far I’ve evaded those Munks)…

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