These are the Voyages of…

These are the voyages of the garage door opener Enterprise...

How lucky am I?  If our garage door opener hadn’t broken down, I’d never have realized it looks almost exactly (sort of) like the

Starship Enterprise!

Now, $358.16 later, I can proudly whip out my communicator and say, “Beam me into the #&*!^@%-ing garage, Scotty!”


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7 Responses to These are the Voyages of…

  1. dawnlizjones says:

    Whoa, wait a minute! Are we really that close in age? I mean, Mr. Scott and Bones and all. The real one? Tribbles and cloaking devices, and all that aside, I’m glad your space-age garage is back in working order.

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  2. I’m still laughing, I totally dig the theme of Starship Enterprise!!!

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  3. theancients says:

    that’s one expensive communi…ummm remote.

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  4. Lucie says:

    At least yours got fixed!!! The contractor took ONE look at ours and said, “Maybe you need a garage door guy”…. HUH!!! It’s gonna stay broken until forever, as far as I’m concerned. The ground where we live keeps shifting any ways and keeps tweaking the alignment of the door…oh well…

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