Those Who Are With Us


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5 Responses to Those Who Are With Us

  1. alslaff says:

    This reminds me of a mentor of mine when I was a new believer. We were meeting in Ashland, WI for a cup of coffee to discuss this Elisha story. He always found memorable ways to teach me and to proclaim God’s power and victory, He made a fist and said, “The enemy has us surrounded; we got them right where we want them!” It is good to remember that in the face of sadness, loss, and death, God will prevail. Thanks for the reminder, Mitch.


  2. Matilda Novak says:

    What a Perfect reminder, thank you….

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  3. theancients says:

    Very true.
    I think believers need to remember this is more than just a physical battle. My friend at “muchgrace” says it well: the perpetuators are just being used (willfully so) as the cats paws of the beast.
    No one wants to address the very root of the problem – the human heart- because it leads back to discussing what makes half of us uncomfortable. But all the wars waged on terrorism, drug, poverty, etc. are doomed to fail because no human being or government can prevail against or permanently change an unregenerate human heart/inner spirit.
    Only Christ can do that – but tell that to people and watch for their reactions.

    My mentor says it best – when the answer is always the same, the question doesn’t matter. The answer is Christ Jesus. Only He can take this imperfect nature of ours and give us a brand new nature- God’s nature, where love dominates and rules.

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  4. Amen! Now that one is just perfect 😉

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