A Cold, Rainy Halloween!


Dead or alive, have a great Halloween!

A cold, rainy Halloween is predicted for much of North America, so sing this song to keep warm, little zombies!

And remember: bundle up–or you’ll catch your death.

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7 Responses to A Cold, Rainy Halloween!

  1. You sound like you could use a Snickers.

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  2. atimetoshare says:


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  3. I’m bummed because I planned on being a pirate, and my tiny parrot was supposed to be my little side-kick, but it’s going to be too cold to bring him outside. At least I’ll still be able to take pictures. 🙂

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  4. Be good, Mitch. No toilet paper, no eggs, no taking a little brown bag and matches with you when you walk the dog…but have fun!

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  5. Happy Wet Halloween 😉

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  6. Gave a good laugh, Mitch. A Happy Halloween to you.

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  7. geoch1 says:

    Here in the Confederation even if it’s almost November the weather seems to have forgotten it: still warm and sunny! A Halloween full of lights, even without needing jack o’ lanterns!

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