Your Gateway to “Godlike Entertainment!”

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath (ew!) to learn what the name Mitch Teemley means. Well, here you go. Now you can get on with other less important things. (P.S. This is a reblog of one of my very first posts from last year.)

Mitch Teemley

Godlike Loaf

Picking a Blog Name, Part Three

OK, so I lied. My name isn’t your gateway to anything. But it is both original and safe—which, after my Mitchellaneous experience, seemed important!  Plus, since I’m literally the only Mitch Teemley on the planet, it was a guaranteed dot com, dot net, dot whatevah! The only problem was, it didn’t say anything. Or did it? I decided to do some research…

Mitch is short for Mitchell, which according to every baby book in existence—except one—is a variation on the name Michael. Which means “godlike.” The one exception says it’s Old Syrian for “little loaf of bread.” Hmm, Godlike + Bread = “Spiritual Sustenance!” Whoa! How deep can you get?  We’re on our way to something really profound here, folks! Now, let’s take a look at that last name.

Teemley isn’t in the name books because it’s made-up. Well, sure, all names were made…

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