In honor my one year blogiversary, I’m narcissistically (say that with mashed potatoes in your mouth) re-blogging this original all-about-me series. Aren’t you lucky?

Mitch Teemley


Picking a Blog Name, Part Two

After officially abandoning the blog titleDon’t Read This, You’ll Only Encourage Him,I did what any creative guy would do: polled my Facebook friends for steal-able ideas, explaining that I needed a name which represented more than one trait.

The minute my buddy Barb came up with Mitchellaneous,virtually all of my friends stopped suggesting other titles and threw in with her. That was it (I thought)! However, since Mitchellaneous wasn’t as topically telling as, say, Kenny’s World of Ferrets, I decided to add a subtitle that would indicate that the site featured stories, humor, and (sometimes) a meaningful message.

I happily began the process of acquiring my URL, but was soon disappointed to learn that the name “Mitchellaneous” had been taken.  Furthermore, it was in use (though, I pray, it will not be by the time you read this) by a…

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2 Responses to Mitchellaneous!

  1. DeniseBalog says:

    Happy One Year Mitch…always enjoy your post no matter what you call yourself:) Nice friendly photo of yourself too! Congratulations and blessings, denise


  2. knabbler says:

    Absolutely Kudos on your One Year, and thanks for sharing!


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