Lousy God

A Hindu friend told me, “You are God!”

“Sorry,” I replied, “I could never respect a religion with such low standards.”

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6 Responses to Lousy God

  1. John S says:

    Mitch this is SO GOOD. I had to make a copy for others to see…I will tell folks where I got this. John

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  2. I think I read, somewhere in a philosophy book—that we are no more God than a drop of sea water is the entire sea. Although it is true that all of the qualities of the sea can be found in one drop, if the tiny drop of water is ever separated from the sea and ends up lying alone in the sand–it will dry up and vanish.


    • mitchteemley says:

      Pantheism. I used to believe that, Mary, and was fond of saying, “God didn’t create the universe, he became the universe.” The big “aha!” of pantheism is that if I am part of God, then I am my own closest connection with God, hence self-worship = God worship. I no longer believe that.


  3. jacobemet says:

    Excellent! 😉

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