Success and Failure

“Success can’t keep its promises and failure can’t hold it’s ground. One shouldn’t be bamboozled by either state. The important thing is not to be in a certain state, but to be a certain kind of person in whichever state you find yourself.”

~Michael Ward

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2 Responses to Success and Failure

  1. Our promise can only be realized by keeping the kind of focus on Jesus that doesn’t allow us to be turned to the right or to the left by whatever the world offers or by how it condemns. Keeping focus on Jesus maintains a balanced mental state of Joy and self-acceptance.:0) See how you inspire me, Mitch? lol!

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  2. The idea of success is very much a modern concept, part of the developed world’s mindset. It gets its claws in you so early that it’s hard to break free (and now I have an image of Freddy Mercury in a dress pushing a vacuum).

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