Summer’s Here!

When I was a teenager, my dad used to chant, “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, wonder where all the little flowers is.”  So I said I’d come up with something for summer.  Here it is.  Not terribly original, I suppose, but I was a teenager, and therefore certain I’d invented every clever thing known to man.


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5 Responses to Summer’s Here!

  1. Drea Damara says:

    cute, and I like the story about your father’s chant – my father used to write silly poems for things like Cricket magazine, this reminds me of that silly humor

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  2. Occraz says:

    “It’s a beautiful day and all of the squirrels are out to play.”

    Once a year, on October 31st, I get to change it up little:

    “It’s a frightful night and all of the squirrels are out to BITE!”

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  3. Glorious summer in the UK 🙂

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