The 5 Deadliest Creatures

According to the World Health Organization, the 5 deadliest animals (to humans) are not lions and tigers and bears; not even sharks.

They are:

#5  Dogs – 61,000 deaths per year

d1#4  Snakes – 94,000 deaths per year


#3  Snails – 200,000 deaths per year


#2  Mosquitoes – 755,000 deaths per year


and finally… 

#1  Humans – 1.6 million deaths per year


Make you think?

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31 Responses to The 5 Deadliest Creatures

  1. comfyreading says:

    I agree with this, humans are the deadliest, what I am surprised about is the dogs, i don’t know why its surprising though.

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  2. barbara says:


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  3. We sit at the top of the food chain for a reason but the delusional creatures that we are…we imagine ourselves loving and harmless and are dumbfounded when our same predatory nature presents itself, unchecked in others! We’re all silly, Mitch!

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  4. p.s. but dangerous….


  5. Kelly Anne Liberto says:

    Another good reason why only women should own guns. Although my husband would disagree..;-)

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  6. blondewaves says:

    what forget about guard dogs – what we need are guard snails haha

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  7. Lis says:

    … these are bad news.
    So human is the worst of predator ….!

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  8. It would make me think, if it were true. Mosquitoes actually kill more humans than any other creature, followed by humans killing humans, snakes and then dogs. Tsetse flies, assassin bugs and freshwater snails tie for fifth place. See here:

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Hmm. Not sure who to believe here, Sandy. My source was World Health Organization, as cited by Time. I don’t know why Bill Gates’ info differs so widely, especially on the humans killing humans number. I wonder if Gates’ info leaves out something the Time report includes, like warfare or terrorism.

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      • That’s weird – Bill Gates cites the WHO too. I’m part-way through a degree in International Development and Statistics, which is why I noticed! So saying, if you included all the deaths worldwide from preventable causes, the figure would be far higher than 1.6 million. For example, 6 million children under the age of five die every year from preventable causes. If it’s preventable and we don’t prevent it, then we’re all culpable.

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    • That’s debatable, Sandy, and if you start counting deaths that occurred through inaction, the statistics become very messy indeed. Through that line of reasoning, I am responsible for the death of someone in Africa because I chose not to give to a certain charity and thus am a murderess, even though I was not the direct cause of death.


      • If I can do good, but I don’t do it, of course I am responsible. To what degree is debatable, yes, and that is something we each have to determine. I like the way abolitionist William Wilberforce put it, when speaking to parliament about the transatlantic slave trade: “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.”


      • You’re right about the thought, but my point was it doesn’t necessarily apply to the statistics in question. I think the ‘most dangerous creature’ thing only counts deliberate murders.


  9. Snails kill people?!?!?!? How?

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  10. stevekimes says:

    Better numbers:

    “It’ll be a day like this one when the sky falls down and the hungry and poor and deserted are found.” -Switchfoot

    Steve K

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Hey, Steve. Sandy quoted the same Bill Gates post (above). Interestingly, both Gates and my source (Time) cite World Health Organization. There must be other variables factored in; possibly Gates’ numbers don’t include warfare (E.g. Smithsonian says mosquitoes kill more people than human “murderers”).


  11. Erika Kind says:

    Acually we all know, we are our worst enemies.

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  12. mitchteemley says:

    #sandyfaithking, Smithsonian quotes similar numbers and uses the same images as Gates, but cites mosquito deaths vs. human “murders,” so I suspect the WHO number quoted by Time includes other categories of human killing such as warfare, terrorism, etc.



    So spiders and cats didn’t make the cut but snails did?  How do you die from snails.  Bad escargot?  Joseph Yakovetic YAKOVETIC PRODUCTIONS 16221 Flallon Avenue Norwalk, CA 90650

    cell: 909.241.6088

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  14. French eats snails ! 😎

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  15. Before I could even write the script for ATTACK OF THE KILLER SNAILS (Oscar nominee for best picture, to be sure) you stole my thunder. Mitch, I hope you sleep well tonight. :O)

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  16. says:

    How do snails kill people?

    Sent from my iPhone


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