You’ve Found A Publisher–You’re Wanted!

For my Writer friendsAm I the only writer who fears he’s lost “the magic” every time he sits down at a keyboard?  Ah, but then what made me think I had any magic to begin with? 

Writers wear two colognes, “l’insecurite” and “l’arrogance,” and never have to purchase either one.  They’re writer pheromones.

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7 Responses to You’ve Found A Publisher–You’re Wanted!

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Haha… that’s right what an author fears! 😃

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  2. Ha. I like it. Clever.

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  3. gw says:

    My major fear is if somebody mistakenly called me a writer. The anxiety of expectancy would paralyze me.

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  4. mike7sedona says:

    Right or wrong, these attributes are part of every writer until enough fame and fortune is made!

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  5. I do so want to be a writer… but I can’t afford the colognes, and that’s probably because they’re French. Have a great weekend Mitch. ;o)

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