Geneva Two (Book Review)


For those interested in exploring the idea of an all-in Christian lifestyle, the modern-day equivalent of the New Testament church, Geneva Two is a wonderful introduction. 

Russel B. Smith’s engaging, amusing, and enlightening docudrama of modern day Christian community avoids the principal pitfall of utopianism: the idea that imperfect human beings can somehow achieve the ideal.  The Geneva Two community is, in fact, committed to welcoming broken, imperfect people–to wit, humans–into its midst.

Neither is it an escape from modernism: these smart phone-using, office job-holding, website-building folks dwell in the midst of modern society.  The point, in fact, is to live “intentional” lives centered on loving God and one another, in the midst of a culture that seems more-and-more to be about unintentional living, stumbling through existence grasping at temporal baubles.

Life as a believer is not an “I got mine” proposition; Jesus’ said “rivers of living water” would “gush” (overflow) from his followers’ hearts (John 7:38).  In other words, we’re not bathtubs, we’re drinking fountains.  And he has called us to be a collection of fountains (the New Testament word for church means “called together”) through which his love and healing can flow into a thirsty world.

Geneva Two captures the spirit of that calling, and may just inspire a new generation of “romantic realists” to live that life…


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5 Responses to Geneva Two (Book Review)

  1. In My Cluttered Attic says:

    Acceptance of who we all are is a very good thing. We all have faults, understanding that makes getting along a whole lot easier.


  2. emmx2013 says:

    Mitch, I love the thoughts expressed on your home page. How exciting it is to follow Jesus all the Way! Inreach, Outreach, on and on.
    Here’s to Your Health


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