Leaf Me Alone!

I raked leaves for the “last time” yesterday.  Which means that the wind will now blow 8,000,000 of the remaining 8,000,003 leaves on the 12,000 foot tall Guinness Book of World Records oak tree across the street into my yard.

Also, it’s a fundamental law of nature that, when raking leaves:

“An equal or greater amount of wind will automatically arise and push them in the opposite direction.”


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5 Responses to Leaf Me Alone!

  1. Very funny and true observation, Mitch. I lived in Boston until I was 10 and we had leaves galore… So looking at your ‘numbers’ I know you are not exagerating one little bit! Matter of fact, you may have been a bit conservative. LOL

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  2. Hubert writes says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 🙂 too funny ! I’d say it looks like you need a hand, but i guess you need a body, I see the hand.

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  3. Susan Jane Beers says:

    Agreed, agreed! An apt description.

    That’s the nature of leaves Mitch.

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  4. calico1948 says:

    Many years ago daddy had raked all the leaves in our yard into a huge pile…the wind came along and dispersed them all to the bottom of the hill, which also meant the leaves our neighbor had raked up were now in our yard awaiting the rake to be put to them once again.

    I was 5 years old but will never forget the colorful beauty of these swirling around and daddy’s reaction…it was priceless.

    Thank you for the reminder,

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