The Wishing Map 16

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Four: Melcarhassen

Previously: Pondering Zack’s words about being from “another world,” the great bird Aviar realized that “the Time of an End and a New Beginning” had arrived.

⇔ ⇔ ⇔

 From Introduction to the Anaruols, Vol. I

by Eudaris q’ Mizshuol, Principal Scribe to the Prime Regent

Many have undertaken to speak of these matters. Yet I, Eudaris, who am least among the scribes, am called to make this record, that you may know the truth.  Uol alone gives wisdom, Uol alone reveals truth.

Since the fall of the Holosian Empire there had arisen many kingdoms. Among some was trade and good will, but among most—strife, loathing, and war. The High Faeries looked on, helpless to intervene, for they are forbidden to countervail the freewill of the lower beings.

But in the ripeness of time, Humans, Knowing Beasts, and Low Faeries, all made in the likeness of Uol, came together to see if they might find a “way to peace,” called “Is’mara” in the Zshinian tongue. And so the first Great Council convened in Zshinia, the Knowing Place.

It was decided that a Prime Regent must be chosen who would serve as the representative of Uol to the Ten Kingdoms, and guide all with an even hand. Many arose, but only one held sway, Droglev VI, greatest of the Gerdan Tinkurs, and most powerful of human wizards. Who else, it was contended, could bring unity, but the one whose power was preeminent?

Then it began to be recalled that that splinter called the Dark Tinkurs had, from of old, been wont to rule their neighbors, claiming to be heirs of the Holosian Empire (may Uol forbid it). And so, instead, one was chosen from among the Zshinian Prophets who owe allegiance to none, yet serve all.

With great umbrage, the Tinkurs departed. But they later returned (though not the Dark Ones), speaking words of repentance, and offering as gifts, thirteen magical Objects which would empower the Regent to rule with much efficacy.

The First Object, the Revealer, would “point the way,” they said, and would reveal much else beside.

The Thirteenth and most powerful Object was the Helm of Knowledge. It was created by Droglev himself, who changed his very name to commemorate the occasion, now calling himself “Drolmai,” a name that has no known meaning.

It was said that he so spent himself in the making of the Thirteenth Object, that he died upon its completion. Whether this be true I cannot say, but it is true that Drolmai was not seen thereafter. The Helm of Knowledge would provide “the final sign,” the Tinkurs declared, of the one who was destined to rule.

No sooner had the last of the gifts been presented than the Zshinian Prophets, being filled with the Spirit of Uol, began to prophesy. The Thirteen Objects were not for this time, they proclaimed, but for an age yet to come.

Lest they fall into erroneous hands, they must be taken to Another World until the Time of an End and a New Beginning, when they would finally return “by the hands of strangers.” And when the Objects were come together—for they must be brought together—the Revealer would point the way, and the Helm of Knowledge would show who must rule.

But before that, in the time of the double moon, Two Strangers must come. One there would be “who must choose” and one “who cannot,” one who is “a stranger, yet not a stranger.” (Whether this latter were a third person or one of the former is not known.)

This would be a time of great testing, the Prophets said, and a time of struggle like no other. For at this time, the Dark Tinkurs would reappear and would attempt to reclaim The Thirteen Objects. They must not be allowed, the Prophets warned, for if they succeed, the Ismaran Epoch shall come to an end, “and the worlds shall be enslaved.” (Whether this signifies that Other world, as well, I do not know.)

But until that time, who was there that might take the Objects into Another World? A youth came forward who was barely a man, the very Courier who had carried the Helm of Knowledge from the hand of Drolmai. Unexpectedly, the Prophets approved, and so, through the power of the High Faeries, which is the power of Uol, the Courier and the Thirteen Objects were sent into Another World, which is to us as though it were not.

The Courier was to return by means of a marvelous Map, which had been the High Faeries’ gift to the Prime Regent. It alone was the equal of the Thirteen Objects, nay, in every manner their superior—for its magic was the magic of Uol. But it never was seen again, and the Courier did not return.

⇔ ⇔ ⇔

Thoughts: Can the future be changed?

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