dream…persevere…succeed (hopefully)

A little inspiration on following your dream, from my friend and fellow screenwriter Kevin Hotter. Rock on, Kev!

Kevin Hotter


I know what some people are thinking.

Dreams? Really? This guy is going to write about butterflies, rainbows and leprechauns?

No way. I’m fully aware that if you are 5’1 with no athletic ability, you are not making it to the NBA. No matter how hard you work. Or much you dream. It ain’t happening.

But, dreams don’t have to be these wildly unattainable goals. They can be achievable objectives. All you need is some clever thinking, hard work, and a little bit of luck (ok, maybe a lot of luck). Regardless, you can do it. Just give it a try.

We are all born into our own worlds. And how and where we are raised will forever be the way we filter the information we consume on a daily basis. So, for a dude born to loggers in the Northwest, a dream of becoming a professional ballerina may seem a little…

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2 Responses to dream…persevere…succeed (hopefully)

  1. Thank you, Mitch! You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Keep up the great writing!


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