Jimmy Fallon, New Ebola Czar!

giphy.gif“Jimmy Fallon, the new Ebola Czar?”  Yes!  Jimmy Fallon! Ebola Czar!

OK, no, not really.

But as of yesterday, Jimmy Fallon and Ebola Czar were the top trending terms in America. And as a new blogger, I’ve been told the best way to increase traffic is to use current buzz words, 1) in my title and, 2) multiple times in my post. So there you are. Here are a few more, just for good measure: Jimmy Fallon! Ebola Czar! Jimmy Ebola!

Yes, this was a test. Sorry if that makes you feel deceived. But, wait, I have a point:

More and more, what we see and hear is chosen for us by vast computer servers. If President Obama were to base his choice on the current buzz, Jimmy Fallon would, in fact, be the new Ebola Czar. This week, anyway.

Is that a good basis for making choices?

Computers are telling us what to read and what to look at! Whatever happened to chance encounters (my wife, and maybe your significant other). What about the joy of the unexpected?

Citizens of the world, refuse to be algorithm-ized! In the service of humankind, I have brought you here today to embrace the unexpected!

You’re welcome.

Have an unexpected day!

Jimmy Fallon, Ebola Czar, Jimmy Czar, Ebola Fallon, Jimmy Ebola…

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4 Responses to Jimmy Fallon, New Ebola Czar!

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  2. mitchteemley says:

    Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:

    Three years ago, I was desperate to get people to discover my still-new blog, so, as an experiment, I used the two top trending topics of moment–Jimmy Fallon and Ebola Czar–in a single post. And it worked (kind of). Then I pseudo-hypocritically made fun of the whole idea because, in truth, I loath trend-watching. I’ve been blessed with a growing following since then, despite my stubborn unbuzziness. So I’ll probably continue to blow algorithmic raspberries because, well, it’s more fun than collecting the overripe fruit everyone else is throwing.


  3. Scott says:

    I totally agree with this. Not to be overly paranoid but not to be ignorant is my goal.

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  4. BelleUnruh says:

    Well, you gave me a good laugh!

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