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Godlike Loaf

Picking a Blog Name, Part Three

OK, so I lied. My name isn’t your gateway to anything. But it is both original and safe—which, after my Mitchellaneous experience, seemed important!  Plus, since I’m literally the only Mitch Teemley on the planet, it was a guaranteed dot com, dot net, dot whatevah! The only problem was, it didn’t say anything. Or did it? I decided to do some research…

Mitch is short for Mitchell, which according to every baby book in existence—except one—is a variation on the name Michael. Which means “godlike.” The one exception says it’s Old Syrian for “little loaf of bread.” Hmm, Godlike + Bread = “Spiritual Sustenance!” Whoa! How deep can you get?  We’re on our way to something really profound here, folks! Now, let’s take a look at that last name.

Teemley isn’t in the name books because it’s made-up. Well, sure, all names were made up at some point. But Teemley doesn’t go that far back, and it doesn’t jive with any traditional spelling because it was swapped for the name Dimler during the 1800s. Why?

No one knows.  Interestingly, though, I discovered Dimler was derived from tumlen (to “tumble” or “romp”), medieval German for “traveling entertainer.” And Tumlen sounds a lot like Teemley. So…

It turns out we’re descended from a bunch of traveling entertainers!  (The Dimler family tree never intersects with Daimler, by the way, which is German for “traveling in a really expensive car”—damn.) But somehow, herkily-jerkily, those hammy Tumlens evolved into stocky shopkeeper Dimlers and then, finally, Teemleys.

So my search for meaning resulted in this rich definition: “A Godlike Little Loaf of Bread That Has Traveled All the Way from Medieval Germany to Entertain You.” Talk about originality! Talk about being pregnantly poignant with meaning! Talk about—

Nah, I don’t buy it either.

Nevertheless, I decided to stick with my own name for the blog title. Which meant I would need a more thematic subtitle. We’ll talk about that next time in:

The Power of Story (Picking a Blog Name, Part Four).

Your friend,

Godlike Little Loaf of Bread

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19 Responses to Your Gateway to “Godlike Entertainment!”

  1. Susie says:

    Anything that sounds like food and travel is ok by me

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  3. That was funny 🙂

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  4. toutparmoi says:

    Way back in the dark ages when I was at university and studying Old English (Anglo-Saxon) – and I should point out that this is entirely coincidental because I wasn’t at university quite that long ago – we learnt the word “micel”. It meant “great” or “large”, and from memory I think it was pronounced “mitchell” because I recall our lecturer saying, “If your surname’s Mitchell, you must have had some pretty big ancestors.” So maybe you could up the size of that Loaf of Bread?

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  6. mitchteemley says:

    Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:

    I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath (ew!) to learn what the name Mitch Teemley means. Well, here you go. Now you can get on with other less important things. (P.S. This is a reblog of one of my very first posts from last year.)


  7. Kelly Grace says:

    I think it’s brilliant that you polled your FB friends for inspiring blog names! Funny & memorable=excellent choice.
    As for the meaning of names—on a trip to Scotland in 1995 my husband came up to me in a little gift shop holding a small name plaque with my name on it. It read: Kelly ~ Celtic for warrior woman. My husband’s response was priceless, “Information that might have been useful 10 years ago.”


  8. Kelly Grace says:

    It’s brilliant that you polled your FB friends for blog names! Funny + memorable=excellent choice.
    As for names—on a 1995 trip to Scotland my husband came up to me in a gift shop holding a little name plaque. It read: Kelly ~ Celtic for warrior woman. My husband’s response was priceless. “Once again, information that might have been useful 10 years ago.” I love that he makes me laugh!

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  9. I thought is was because the mind of Mitch is teemleying with mischief…but I’m not surprised that you have the ‘entertainer’ gene. I think you are cousins with the Witzemann’s a family who are decedents of a long line of German comedians of which I married into and by association I have gained a great deal of insight into this kind of mad German behavior that you also, seem to possess. I see you for what you are Mitch Teemly! A loveable genius…on the darkest days, I can always count on you for a laugh.:0)

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  10. mitchteemley says:

    Good point, Pam: If teemleying isn’t a verb (a cross between teeming and lying?), it should be. Thank you for your always kind words!


  11. Good idea, keeping your name, that is…It got me thinking way beyond reading time — which is a good thing — and now remembering…Mitch Teemley … a good God given name 😉

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  14. Dear Godlike Little Loaf of Bread – what a story! I can relate to your “Mitchellaneous” experience. Not long ago I was considering having the pen name “Paige Turner,” until my son sent me a link for someone who already had it as a stage name … a female impersonator. Oh well.

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